NeckRelax is a simple, portable neck pain relief device – a little neck hammock to support your head and neck – that allows you to get fast relief from everyday neck pains wherever you are.

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Simple to Operate
NeckRelax is designed with functionality in mind, so it is very easy to operate. There is no additional equipment required. It only needs a door or rail to work properly.

Use it anywhere
Unlike other devices, the neck hammock is small and portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. It has two straps of different lengths, convenient to use on different occasions. It can be used in the office, gym or home.

Fits in your Busy Schedule
NeckRelax minimizes pain such as tension headaches, improves quality of sleep as well as posture and alignment. Small sessions of just 10 minutes can make you feel fresh and alive again.


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10 Minutes of Your Time To Relieve Neck Pain- Try It Now

NeckRelax is the ideal self-traction device that instantly and effectively relieves neck pain and has three unique features that make it so popular!

Lightweight and Portable – Since it has no moving parts and does not require batteries to operate it.

Simple and Effective – All you need is a sturdy door handle and something flat to lie on. The strap does the rest, holding your neck in the perfect position to promote healing.

The more you use it, the better you’ll feel – You put pressure on your neck all day – every time you bend over, stare at a computer screen, or read a text message. Using Neck Relax frequently is a great way to gradually undue the daily wear and tear on the muscles. 

NeckRelax minimizes pain such as tension headaches, improves quality of sleep as well as posture and alignment.

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Here’s Why Customers Love NeckRelax

“Alright…. truthfully this thing is straight magic! I work 9 to 5 at a computer and afterwards I head to kickboxing and that has been doing damage on my neck. I have been using NeckRelax for a few days now and honestly this thing is a game changer. I can feel less tension in my neck. I think everyone can relate to stress on the neck which is why I think everyone can really benefit from this.”  – Sebastian, 41

“Since I work in the office, I sometimes have neck pain when I stare at the screen all day. A friend recommended NeckRelax to me. I thought, what the hell, I’ll give it a try. I have attached the neck hammock to the door handle as described. I have to say, I am positively surprised. It is nice to lie with your head in it and it makes you feel much more relaxed afterwards.”  Alisa, 37

“I often have a headache from stress, so I wanted to find something to relax at home. The neck hammock can be wrapped around any door giving you the freedom to use it everywhere. Comes with two adjustable straps so that it can be adjusted well to the personal needs. So far, I’ve been using this at home almost every day for 10 minutes after work. It really alleviated my headache. Also, well suited for traveling because you do not need batteries or chargers. Totally recommended.” Anna, 31

As a student I sit in a chair upwards of 7-9 hours a day. After using the NeckRelax for a time period of 15 minutes during a break hour my body feels rejuvenated. My neck is frequently in a flexed position for a greater majority of the day, so having a device that does cervical traction has been absolutely incredible. After lying in the hammock, I can feel immediate increase in range of motion. I love how portable this product is. It easily fits in my backpack and I can use it virtually anywhere with a door knob, frame, or pole. I can honestly say that this is an A+ product. – Jimmy, 21

 It’s Absolutely Amazing What NeckRelax Can Do!

Whatever the reason for your suffering is, NeckRelax can help. This simple yet clever device can relieve pain in just 10 minutes every day. The hammock mimics the techniques used by physical therapists, and you can take it anywhere.

– Sturdy strap promotes better blood flow, helping your body repair itself 

–Hangs from any door handle to provide comfortable support 

– Sessions last 10 minutes and require no professional assistance 

Questions and Answers

Q: What are the payment options?

A: You can pay with any credit card or PayPal.

Q: Does NeckRelax offer delivery in my country?

A: Yes! NeckRelax offers Free Shipping worldwide.

Q: What are the warranty options?

A: You can get 3 years warranty for just 14€.

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